This apron is recreated from vintage linens.

Each Everyday Apron is given a name and a story, sometimes they remind me of a relative or friend, or a character from a book or a movie.  This apron is called This Little Piggie. I found the embroidery on the dish towel that I used for the top to be interesting.  Besides the pigs there was the word meat and sausage links that the 2 pigs were holding.  This did not make any sense to me, pigs holding sausage...  I removed the sausages as well as the word meat. There is a very light pattern where the stitches were, they may wash out in time. 

This one of a kind vintage apron may have some areas that are well used and add to its charm, it is still very much usable!

Top L 10 inches x W 15 inches.

Skirt 20 x 20  inches.

Waist and ties 92 inches.

This Little Piggie