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Fabric has always been a part of Colleen’s life.  Her grandmothers, mother and aunt all sewed and she learned her appreciation of fabric from them.  Colleen started out as a quilter in 1987.  Her love of vintage linens, laces, and garments steered her in the direction of recreating aprons and clothing.  She uses vintage handkerchiefs, bureau scarves, table runners, scraps of quilts, feed sacks, wedding dresses and lace and even hand dyes some of the pieces to recreate half aprons into full aprons and to give old garments a new look.    

Colleen also likes to recreate jewelry using old silverware, broken pieces of jewelry, shells, and found objects. She loves to work resin and soldering techniques into the pieces.

When she is not working at her art, she can be found working in her gardens, cooking and canning, or spending time with her husband and dogs Rosie and Samantha, hiking up North or walking around town.    


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