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Happy Valentines Day!

Well, welcome to my website!!! I have had this in my mind and in the works for a long time, now the timing seems perfect! I need to thank Sue Muldoon of Sue Muldoon Images who is my web designer and she did amazing work for me. Being a friend she knew me and my tastes and together we created Moonfaerie Designs website.

I have alot of shows to get prepared for and this weekend was one to enjoy before I really buckle down. My hubby Rick and I were going to go to Cape Cod for the weekend but it was to cold to be on the beach with the dogs so we stayed home.Dangerous wind chills predicted, and they were not kidding!

We did venture down to Essex Connecticut for a wonderful brunch at The Griswold Inn. We walked down to the Connecticut River and took some pictures before the cold set in. Here are some pictuers of our outing on this cold blustery Valentines Day.

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